NI shopping centre reopens after power outage

Rushmere Shopping Centre in darkness
Rushmere Shopping Centre in darkness

A top shopping centre has reopened after an electricity outage led to staff evacuating customers as the building was plunged into darkness.

One customer posted photos online of people rushing to get out of Rushmere Shopping Centre in Craigavon.

Rushmere Shopping Centre in darkness

Rushmere Shopping Centre in darkness

Another member of staff said she and others were told to leave after what appears to have been a power outage.

Many felt that the outage may have had something to do with the storm early this morning but that was scotched by NIE who said it was related to a cable fault.

A spokesperson for Rushmere said the shopping centre had been reopened after the fault had been dealt with by NIE.

It is understood 325 customer premises in Craigavon also experienced the outage.

Earlier the father of one member of staff said: "My daughter has been sent home from work. The place is in chaos."

It is understood from eyewitnesses that the power went off at 1.40pm today (Saturday)

One eyewitness said the new wing at Debenhams appears unaffected.

One mother contacted us to say she was out shopping with her two children.

She said: "We were just on our way into the main shopping area when suddenly the place went into darkness.

"People continued eating their food in restaurants using the lights on their phones.

"Staff quickly stood at the entrance to the shops to stop people from entering.

"When we were leaving we saw the fire brigade at the lifts, it seems there are people stuck in the lifts."

A spokesperson from Rushmere Shopping Centre said things are up and running again and the centre has reopened.

However some shops may remain closed.

A spokesperson from NIE said: "It was a 11kv cable fault that affected power supplies in Craigavon including Rushmere Shopping Centre

"Around 325 customers premises were affected

"This was unrelated to the thunder storm," he said.