Next stage of cancer battle begins for Elsa

Elsa McBurney has begun her Proton Beam Therapy.
Elsa McBurney has begun her Proton Beam Therapy.

Brave Elsa McBurney has started the next stage in her battle with cancer, undergoing her first session of Proton Beam Therapy.

The seven-year-old has travelled to the United States with her mother Lesley, as she continues her fight with cancer of the spine.

Since being diagnosed with the disease back in January, Elsa has undergone surgery and bouts of chemotherapy. When tests showed that her cancer still remained, the decision was made for Elsa to travel to America to receive Proton Beam Therapy.

Posting on the Team Elsa Facebook blog, her mother Lesley said: “Elsa had her first proton treatment last night. I wasn’t allowed back with her but one of the ladies very kindly got a few pictures.

“She has had a body cast made and has to lie perfectly still in it during the treatment. She done so so well!

“The equipment is fantastic, we got a tour before she went in and it blew me away!

“There are three gantrys- blue, red and yellow.

“Elsa is starting in the blue one, then moving to a machine called ‘truebeam’ which uses x-ray imaging.

“This is because of the hardware in her spine since surgery.

“Anyway I’m chuffed with her for being so brave.”

Outling her treatment, Lesley added: “She will have proton therapy daily Monday to Friday as well as clinic appointments on Tuesdays and Fridays and chemo every third week (inpatient for three days). When she has chemo she will still have proton therapy by way of an ambulance transfer! Things are about to get busy! But that’s okay.”

Elsa’s bravery and attitude was praised by a Sarcoma Action and Support Group who posted: “Our seven year old junior sarcoma warrior, Elsa, has just completed her first session of proton beam therapy in Florida.

“Elsa and her mam Lesley will be in the US for the next two months for this groundbreaking new treatment, which is not yet available in Ireland.”

“Follow Team Elsa for updates and to see more pictures of the happiest little girl ever!”