Newly-weds’ flight drama

A NEWLY-WED couple from Banbridge had a honeymoon they will never forget after the aircraft they were travelling on had to make an emergency landing in Bermuda.

Stuart and Leanne Magill were travelling home from Cancun, Mexico on Tuesday, April 30, when the captain reported a possible fire in the cabin.

Stuart and Leanne Magill on their wedding day.

Stuart and Leanne Magill on their wedding day.

As with all such matters, the flight crew were taking no chances and the aircraft diverted for its emergency landing.

The Thomas Cook Airlines Flight 149 landed safely in Hamilton and the passengers and crew were safely evacuated and there was no fire on board when the aircraft landed.

The A330 aircraft had 338 passengers on board and was travelling from Cancun, Mexico, to Manchester when the captain declared an emergency about 8:20pm and diverted to Bermuda. The plane landed about 40 minutes later with emergency personnel waiting.

Speaking about the emergency landing Stuart, 31, said: “The flight from Mexico had to make an emergency landing in Bermuda after a fire in the cabin two hours into our flight as we were over the Atlantic. One of the TV systems, they think, short circuited and melted and that’s where the smoke came from.”

The self employed floor and wall tiler added: “Lucky enough it only took the pilot 45 minutes to get us safely on the ground in the small island of Bermuda.

“It was most certainly not the most comfortable experience but the captain and crew were great in keeping everyone as best informed as they could and at no stage did we think we were in immediate danger though it was very unnerving.”

For the happy couple, this particular cloud had a silver lining as the emergency saw their honeymoon extended by an extra night in exotic and luxurious surroundings

“We were given a suite in the five star luxury hotel called the Southampton Princess so we were mostly certainly not put out,” said Stuart.

“I’d like to say thanks to Karen from Club World Travel who organised all the connecting flights and made sure we were okay,” he added.

The happy couple took the emergency very much in their stride and it in no way spoiled their honeymoon.

“We had an amazing wedding and honeymoon and the experience on the flight wasn’t that bad - sure at least we can say we have been to Bermuda now and I got to meet Shaun Goater, former Man City player who now works in Bermuda Airport,” Stuart joked.