New role for local author

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THE St Patrick’s Centre in Downpatrick have asked local author, Doreen McBride, to act as an outreach worker visiting schools and telling them about St Patrick.

Doreen says, “I’m delighted. I have a great admiration for the St. Patrick’s Centre. It attracts people from all over the world to learn more about our patron saint and visit sites connected with him. This is very good for the local economy.

“Since learning more about St. Patrick I have become a real fan. I always thought of Saints as boring stuff individuals but, judging by the two surviving letters written by St Patrick himself, he was a very likable human being. He had a love of good craic and a bit of a temper. He said he was a ‘terrible sinner’ and as a terrible sinner myself I can empathize with that!”

The St Patrick’s Centre commissioned Doreen to write a short 10 minute play suitable for school assemblies. Gilford Primary school asked if the play could be extended to give pupils the opportunity to add music. The St Patrick’s Centre make Doreen’s services free to schools.

For more information contact the St Patrick’s Centre, Downpatrick tel, 028 4461 9000.