New life for puppy farm dogs at local animal rescue centre

Two dogs and three puppies removed from a breeding mill by the council are currently enjoying life in the care of a Banbridge animal sanctuary, prior to looking for their new ‘forever homes’.

Thursday, 28th May 2015, 7:28 am

Nadine Weir, the 19 year-old owner of Paws and People animal rescue, is urging people to ‘adopt, don’t shop’ when it comes to looking for a new family pet.

“Adopt a rescue dog, don’t buy from a breeder,” said Nadine, when she discovered the condition of Florence the cocker spaniel, her three pups and another dog Mindy, a lhasa apso, that she rescued from the council pound.

“These animals have been forced to live a life of breeding, they know nothing more than having babies,” said Nadine.

“Florence is an older dog, around six years old, and is currently being treated for an ear infection and has slight cataracts. She should be in a warm bed enjoying her retirement and not feeding three young pups.

“Florence did not ask for this life and neither do the others who have had to suffer.

“Mindy also came from the breeding mill that Florence was in. Both dogs were washed and groomed when we got them, to make them feel better.

“Florence had to be shaved on the top and sides of her body as she had dry skin and fleas so now she is on medicated shampoo to help her dry skin.

“Mindy, before going to the bath was a grey dog, but after the bath is a honey peach colour. Who would of thought she could be so dirty that her fur was a totally different colour?

“Mindy also shook in fear the first day she met grass - grass is a simple thing for many animals, but not those who have lived a life in a breeding farm.

“As soon as these two girls are ready they will be spayed and will find loving homes, although Florence is not for rehoming until July as she needs to be here for her puppies and also to get all the vet care and vaccines she needs.

“These dogs are the lucky ones. The sad truth is, if you buy from a back yard breeder or a puppy farm this only encourages more animals to be bred.

“It seems no matter how many dogs get rescued from puppy farms there will always be others still suffering.

“So many dogs are now in pounds and rescues - even unwanted pedigree dogs that people have paid lots of money for.”

Nadine opened the Paws and People animal rescue along with her mum, a year ago. To support the rescue or find out more about their work visit the Paws and People Facebook page, ring 028 4062 9821, or email [email protected]