New bins to dump illegal and prescription drugs set up across Craigavon area

Drugs bin opens in Tesco Craigavon
Drugs bin opens in Tesco Craigavon

Special ‘RAPID’ bins to dispose of harmful and illegal drugs have been placed at public sites across Portadown, Craigavon and Lurgan.

It is hope the secure bins can be used to dump unused prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs found in the area.

The bins are located at Portadown Health Centre, Tesco Extra Craigavon beside the lifts, Tesco Lurgan beside Customer Services and Future Proof Banbridge (Castlewellan Road in the courtyard beside the police station).

The RAPID bins have been set up in partnership with the PCSP, Public Health Agency and NI DACTS.

The PSNI said: “The bins are secure. There have been no adverse incidents at any bin.

“Thousands of pills have been destroyed as a result of the bins.

“This is a positive and forward thinking initiative, please support it and encourage anyone you know who can make use of this bin to do so,” said the PSNI.

“One of the main uses of these bins is unneeded prescription meds being binned before they fall into the wrong hands.”