‘My home is not fit for purpose’

A Beech Grove resident whose roof caved in on top of her last week, says her Housing Executive home is no longer fit for purpose.

Saturday, 14th September 2013, 7:42 pm
Beech Grove resident Pauline Corbett, who says her Housing Executive house is 'not fit for purpose'.

Pauline Corbett, who suffers arthritis and a tremor on her brain, said it was just the latest problem with her home since she moved in four years ago.

She added she would not be returning to her home until the Housing Executive made it safe to live in.

A visibly shaken Mrs Corbett said that before the incident took place she had made the Executive aware of damp in her living room.

“They said that it was dry, so I tried to paint over it but the marks kept coming through,” she said.

“When it burst on Thursday night it ruined my carpets and my curtains. I am on my own; I had no numbers to call. I couldn’t sleep with worry.

“On Friday morning I was outside after getting in touch with the Executive and as I came back in a hanging piece of the ceiling fell and hit me on the head. I fell and screamed. I was just devastated.”

Mrs Corbett said that she was thankful for the help of a neighbour, who had experienced a similar problem.

“Someone from the Executive came out and said that the roofs were a massive problem. The contractor said that all of the roofs on the houses here needed stripped down and relaid as there was a problem with the tiles.

“My next door neighbour said that her roof had been leaking during the night and when the contractor put his hand to it the roof fell through.”

She said that she was grateful than none of her grandchildren were in the house when it happened.

“I have a grandchild of five months and another who is crawling. I dread to think what would have happened if they had been here.

“I don’t need this stress. I’ll not be back until it is properly fixed. I’m trying to get better and this is not helping me.”

Mrs Corbett said there had been other problems with the house since she moved in.