MP reflects on war sacrifice

David Simpson
David Simpson

Upper Bann MP David Simpson has paid tribute to the sacrifice of the soldiers during World War one.

He said: “As this week marks 100 years since Britain declared war on Germany it is an opportunity for all of us, both Unionists and Nationalists, to remember the sacrifice of those great soldiers and the continued suffering of their families.”

He added: “There were over 21 million military wounded, almost 8 million missing or taken prisoner and nearly 9 million civilian casualties.”

“We should be so proud and thankful to our local heroes for the bravery, courage and ultimate sacrifice that many paid so that we can enjoy the freedom we live in today. As numerous commemorative events take place this week, I have no doubt they will be carried out in a dignified way that both educates our young people and fully recognises the pain that thousands felt during The Great War,” concluded Mr Simpson.