Mount Street survey planned

THE volume of heavy traffic routinely travelling Dromore’s Mount Street is to come under Roads Service scrutiny, though a planned survey is likely to be months off.

The agency has agreed to monitor traffic speed and volume as well as HGV content following residents’ calls for traffic-calming and encouragement for heavy lorries to avoid Mount Street,

Residents’ concerns came to light in the wake of recent confusion over double-yellow lines said by some to have been removed during resurfacing work, while others claimed no such restriction had been in place on Mount Street for some years.

Calling for Roads Service to be sure of its facts before ‘replacing’ double-yellow lines, Dromore Councillor Paul Rankin also backed residents’ calls for traffic-calming.

In response, the DRD’s Seamus McCann told Mr. Rankin a survey would be carried out, though he advised it might be delayed due to a backlog of requests.

He said, “Regarding your request for the provision of traffic-calming measures on Mount Street, you will appreciate there is a great demand for traffic-calming measures and each request is considered carefully. Schemes are prioritised, taking into account collision histories, vehicle speeds, traffic volumes and the character of the location in question.

“This ensures that the limited available finance is targeted to those sites in most need. In order to assess current traffic conditions and enable a traffic-calming assessment to be made, I have arranged for a survey to be carried out. Electronic counting equipment will be placed on Mount Street to determine traffic speed, volume and HGV content.

“I shall advise you when the survey results are available. However, as surveys are not carried during July and August, when traffic is abnormally light, this may not be for some months as a backlog of survey requests has normally built up at this time of year.”

On his own and Lagan Valley MLA Brenda Hale’s behalf, Mr. Rankin said, “We would welcome that the DRD is to carry out a traffic survey at Mount Street in the coming months. We await the findings of this survey with interest.”

Mr. McCAnn also confirmed that all appropriate markings had now been replaced at Mount Street.

“Roads Service has no plans to introduce any additional waiting restrictions along Mount Street at this time,” he said.