Motorists causing parking problems

BANBRIDGE Neighbourhood Policing Team are asking motorists to show consideration for residents living in the Rathfriland Street and Kenlis Street area.

Police have received a number of complaints regarding parking in both areas. Motorists are parking in these areas for long periods of time and are also parking on footpaths and close to junctions which is preventing wheelchair and pushchair access, meaning the local community are being forced to walk on roads.

Constable Hoyle explained: “Motorists may not realise the difficulties they are causing, but the local community are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of consideration being shown.

“We have beeen working with DRD to look at solutions to this problem, however I would ask motorists to show consideration and give a little thought to the people who live in this area. Motorists should make sure they are not parked in a dangerous position or causing an obstruction. Parking on zig zag yellow lines or in a dangerous positions is dealt with by way of fixed penalty notice or report to the Public Prosecution Service.

“We will be conducting patrols in the local area to monitor the situation.”

Paul Kinkead agreed with the Police’s stance when we asked you for your thoughts on our Facebook page and said that there were other areas of the town too which were badly affected by inconsiderate motorists.

“It’s a nightmare walking down the Old Newry Road while pushing a pram when school gets out with some of the cars on the pavement,” he said.

“It gets worse when you try to cross the road when the lollipop lady is not there. We need a crossing there.”