Monument ownership in dispute

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A dispute has broken out over the ownership of Gilford’s War Memorial after a resident in the town complained about the state of the monument.

Paul Adamson said that he is ashamed of the current state of the memorial. A spokesperson for Banbridge District Council said that the town’s cenotaph was due to be cleaned soon, but that they had no responsibility for the memorial’s upkeep.

But the Chairman of the Royal British Legion said that they don’t own it, and that they have been restricted in how they can look after the monument.

“The war memorial is a total and utter disgrace,” said Mr Adamson.

“Is this how we remember our fallen? By not even having the respect to have the memorial cleaned and restored?

“I ask of the Royal British Legion of Gilford - are they proud of this? Is this a fitting remembrance to our fallen?”

“We brush around it every fortnight and with autumn coming leaves are going to fall in that area,” explained Billy Strain, the Gilford branch’s Chairman.

“To clean up the memorial would require a powerhose, and it is something that we have looked into, but there is no water supply nearby.

“But to say that we own the monument is wrong. I would also invite anyone who has any concerns to come down and see us.”

The council spokesperson said, “The war memorial in Gilford is owned by the Royal British Legion and as such responsibility for its maintenance would lie with the them, however, Banbridge District Council have an arrangement to undertake the routine cleaning of various war memorials within the district one of which is Gilford.

“The Gilford memorial is currently scheduled for cleaning which will soon be actioned.”