Mobile welcome but fight for new school goes on

Dromore High School is

awaiting provision of a

purpose-built moble unit to help offset its shortfall in

classroom space.

Though pleased with the provision, Dromore High is nevertheless pressing ahead with its advanced case for a new school.

It is understood the new modular accommodation will cost some hundreds of thousands of pounds.

With pupil numbers now standing at 940, the need for additional accommodation was evident.

Said principal, Mr John Wilkinson: “We’re to be provided with a purpose-built, four-room module with an ICT room and three other classrooms.

“It will go some way to meeting the mismatch in provision but we are continuing to seek the approval of the Department (of Education) for a newbuild.

“We are continuing to fight hard for a new school.”

The campaign for a new home has been one of two pursued by Dromore High in recent years, the other, for provision of post-16 educatiton, having been brought to a successful conclusion.

At the school’s speech night and prizegiving in November, Mr Wilkinson said that while the future looked extremely bright for Dromore High, much remained to be achieved, not least securing a new home. Mr Wilkinson insisted every effort had to be focused on rehousing a school he characterised as “a happy and dynamic community, courageous and willing to take risks . . . rich in talent and determined to rise to the challenges”.

He said, “A game-plan must be agreed between Governors/Principal/SELB/ESA/DE and the new sectorial body for controlled schools. No quarter must be given. Our pupils, staff and community deserve more.

“Secondly, this new school should consider the option of a full service school. This needs to be secured and would be of enormous benefit to the Dromore Community.”

The new mobile unit is expected to be built by Easter and ready for the new school term in September this year.