MLA Hale speaks of debt of care to military families

Lagan Valley DUP MLA Brenda Hale with the Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans at aMultinational Symposium on Veteran Transition in London, designed to build a better understanding of the transition for military families returning to civilian life.

“Whilst it be may be one member of the family on duty on the battlefield,” she said, “the entire family is affected and we owe it to those families to provide proper care. Too many of our service personnel are returning from tours of duty without adequate preparation to re-enter civilian life. The transition to civilian life after many years service or after a tour of duty differs for every family, however for many outside the military, the transition process is under-estimated.” Mrs Hale said the costs of poorly managed transition - family breakdown, alcohol misuse, homelessness, psychiatric treatment and unemployment - could not be underestimated.