Mixed reaction to traffic-calming plans

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Donaghcloney residents will be invited to express their views on proposed traffic calming measures at a public consultation process set to begin over the next number of weeks.

The announcement was made by Regional Development Minster Danny Kennedy after concerns were raised by local residents.

“There is already considerable community support for traffic calming measures in Donaghcloney” said Mr Kennedy.

“A design is presently being finalised that will allow consultation on a traffic calming scheme to be undertaken late this year or early in next year.

“If the consultation is positive the scheme could be delivered in the new financial year as part of the Local Transportation and Safety Measures Programme.”

Recognising a need for action, Ulster Unionist MLA Jo-Anne Dobson said: “I welcome the news that the Donaghcloney scheme is to progress to a public consultation. I have been lobbied considerably by local people who are concerned about the danger of the volume and speed of traffic passing through the village.

“I would encourage everyone concerned to take part in the consultation and give their views towards traffic calming measures for the village as community support is key to the proposal going ahead.”

The proposed scheme is likely to include a significant number of ramps or speed cushions, but the delivery of any traffic calming measures will only proceed with the support of the local community.

The proposals have been met with a mixed reaction from our readers on facebook.

Neil Scott said: “Slow them down! Donacloney’s kids and residents deserve better,” however others such as Drew Gregg are concerned about speed ramps causing damage to car suspension: “I would not wish them on anyone, especially elderly motorists, ambulances, and emergency vehicles. Speed bumps are car suspension wreckers”.

Pointing out that some councils in England are now removing ramps, Drew goes on to suggest alternatives such as digital speed indicator signs and calls for pedestrians to take more care: “maybe a refreshing educational programme on Road Safety throughout all groups, including school children and youth clubs, could be advantageous”.

The consultation will be advertised in the local press and will include a letter drop to residents and business owners. Everyone has an important role to play and is encouraged to take the opportunity to make their views known to the Department.