Missing parking signs explained

Shoppers who were disappointed when they were unable to avail of the Council’s free parking day in Banbridge have finally got to the bottom of the mystery.

Several drivers who turned up to use the Townsend Street car park before 11am on December 7 were left in confusion as there were no clear signs confirming the offer and the pay and display machines were available to use as normal. Concerned about getting a parking fine the drivers bought tickets but then discovered that a short time after this the meters had been covered up. This left a feeling of disappointment not so much over the parking fees, but just the general principle.

At the time of going to press last week it was still unclear which agency was responsible for the signs, however, the council has since confirmed it fell under their remit.

A spokesperson said: “The covers had been placed over the meters in all car parks by 6.30pm on the previous evening. At some time after this someone removed the covers in the Townsend Street car park. The situation was rectified as soon as we were made aware of it, and employees from the Technical Services Dept replaced the covers”.