Mephedrone user in ‘manic state’

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A 26 year old Banbridge man bought mephedrone costing £350 despite the fact he doesn’t work and lives on benefits.

The revelation was made at the local court last Thursday when Kyle Burns from Leamount Park was told he must find another £350 in fines for the possession charges he pleaded guilty to.

Burns was arrested during a routine police patrol on 28 June this year when officers spotted him staggering along the pavement in Banbridge.

He was lurching towards parked cars and when officers talked to him they noticed a white substance on the ridge of his left nostril.

He seemed highly intoxicated but the pupils of his eyes were extremely constricted.

He opened his hand which revealed a clear bag containing a white substance which he admitted was mephedrone. It was noted that Burns was in a rather manic state and said,”I have to take it when I drink or I go off my head.” He also admitted paying £350 for the substance.

A solicitor said Burns lived at home and on the night in question had been out. She said the drug helps him relax and keeps him calm. She stressed he was making his way home and was unsteady on his feet, but there was no public disorder.

She told the court Burns hasn’t worked in a few years and claims Job Seekers Allowance. She also explained he had a substantial amount of the drug on his person as it was cheaper for her client to buy in larger amounts.

Deputy District Judge Ms Brady asked if Burns was working when he paid £350 for the drugs and was told that no he wasn’t.

Burns was also ordered to pay an offenders levy of £15 and a destruction order for the seized drugs was granted.