Meeting to be held for residents of Maryville

FOLLOWING a public meeting of residents last autumn, members of Maryville Community Group have been working hard lobbying on issues of concern within the Banbridge estate to great effect.

Over the winter months they have held meetings with Banbridge District Council, DRD Roads Service and NI Housing Executive and have managed to get trees pruned, secure more street signage, get more dog-foul bins, and have bushes removed facing onto Kenlis Street.

They have also managed to secure a promise of improved lighting at the steps and a promise to re-surface the roads in the estate in the future.

A spokesperson for the group said, “We are a new group and are seeking to improve the quality of life of the residents of our estate.

“A survey of residents was carried out last year and we have been working to address some of these issues. We are grateful to those agencies that have met with us and have carried out improvements based on the wishes of our community and we look forward to working with these and other agencies in the future. Everyone in the group is working together for the benefit of the estate.”

However, the group are keen to hear about what other issues need addressing or what services need provided and are inviting residents of the estate to a meeting in the Belmont Hotel on Monday April 29 at 7.30pm.

The meeting will also be addressed by Kevin Duggan who will be talking about the new SureStart project planned for the area, which will benefit young families in Maryville.