McCrum is delighted to claim ABC place

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DUP’s Junior McCrum spoke of his delight at being elected as a councillor on the new supercouncil for Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon.

However he also spoke of his disappointment at the turnout, less than 24,000 (49.3 per cent) of registered voters used their democratic right to vote at the local elections, on Thursday.

As expected the DUP occupied two slots with Junior getting 1,030 votes and Paul Greenfield 966 votes, while Ian Wilson was unable to get enough votes to join his fellow colleagues getting just 730 votes.

Both councillors will join 13 others to make the DUP the largest party on the new ABC Council.

Mr McCrum who has been on the council for the past 11 years, moved from Banbridge to represent the more rural Rathfriland areas, said that he will continue to help people no matter ‘where they lay their hat on a Sunday.’

“I will continue to work hard for everyone no matter of their colour or creed, something that I have been doing for the past 11 years on a daily basis,” he said.

“I am truly thankful for all the people who came out to vote.

“It was a long wait but I finally made it past the post with Paul Greenfield. Just sorry that we couldn’t fill the sixth seat of the new super council with Ian Wilson.

“I did everything humanly possible to try and get around everyone and apologise if I didn’t get to your door.”

He said that as a candidate with the DUP he was delighted to be part of the largest party on the new ABC Council.

He continued, “We ran a good campaign. We saw people and talked to people on the streets. It is impossible to get to every house but I did what was humanly possible.

“It is sad that so many people did not use their democratic right to vote. “Either people just did not bother or did not want to vote. If someone in England went to see heir local MP about something the first thing they would do is check to see if that person voted. If they checked and the person had not they would be turned away.”

He said he is looking forward to work on behalf of the local people in the new supercouncil with the new challenges and powers it will bring.