Man needs £1k for his bail in 
animal sex case

Lough Ree Lifeboat searching for missing Armagh angler Daryl Burke.
Lough Ree Lifeboat searching for missing Armagh angler Daryl Burke.

A 42-year-old Ballyroney man facing serious charges of making indecent images of children, and of having sexual intercourse with an animal has been told he may be granted bail if he can get someone to sign a £1,000 surety.

At last week’s Banbridge Magistrates Court, Garth Michael Williams from Mill Road Ballyroney, appeared by video-link.

He faces a total of five charges; possession of indecent photographs, making indecent photographs of a child, distributing indecent photos of a child and possession of an extreme pornographic image - each charge relates to March 3, 2014.

The fifth charge is that on a date unknown, he had sexual intercourse with a living animal.

Judge Copeland was told that a new bail address in the Portstewart area had been identified for Williams and police had agreed to this.

However Mr Copeland said he would agree subject to strict bail conditions including no access to the internet by any means.

He is prohibited from having any device, including mobile phones, which are suitable for internet access.

His solicitor Mr George commented that when initially granted bail, there was no restriction on technology.

Mr Copeland said, “I am imposing it now.

“He needs to know that if breached, it can and will be checked.

“It could lead to the instant withdrawal of bail and a return to custody.”

Referring to the surety, again Mr George said there was none required initially and his client had moved here from South Africa with a very limited friend and family circle.

Mr Copeland said, “Given the nature of the charges it is essential that A.N. Other can support this man.

“Someone has to be answerable to his conduct.”

The bail application will be reviewed on November 20.