Man knocked victim’s tooth out with one punch

A Banbridge man who assaulted another male in a one punch attack knocking his tooth out two years ago, has been given until February 6 to pay total compensation of £5,000.

Appearing before the local court last week charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm was Peter Dean aged 23 from Bannview Heights, Banbridge.

A prosecutor explained how the injured party reported an assault to police on March 25, 2012. Various enquiries were made at the time but officers were unable to identify the culprit.

Towards the end of that year the injured party again contacted police and told them he thought he could now identify the person responsible.

Police called with Dean and interviewed him and he actually handed them a tooth that he said was given to him after the fight.

He made a statement and said he thought the injured party was “slabbering” about his mate. However, he admitted he “got the wrong guy.” He admitted punching the man once and knocking his tooth out.

The court heard that the victim suffered severe bruising to his jaw and a black eye. He required dental work in excess of £5,000.

Barrister Mr Justin Byrne said this incident was completely out of character for his client and he had no previous record.

Mr Byrne said Dean had £2,900 in court with him and wanted to pay the rest in full .

“This was a one punch case and he appreciates this can cause significant damage. He was pushed but over-reacted. He said himself it was barbaric.”

Mr Byrne added, “This was a man who had taken too much drink and over-reacted.”

District Judge Mr Copeland stressed that this occurred in March 2012 adding, “I want this pay compensated sooner rather than later.”

“This is not a hire purchase agreement as he is facing an imprisonable offence. To come to court two years after the event with a fraction of the money is not acceptable.”

“On February 6 I expect to see this matter addressed in a more appropriate way.”