Make use of your brown bin this winter

Banbridge District Council is reminding residents that their brown bin should be put to good use during winter, as fortnightly collections will continue over the coming months.

As well as using the brown bin for garden waste, items such as bread, cereals, teabags, vegetable peelings, meat and all food scrapings and even coal ashes can be placed in the brown bin. Food waste can be put in compostable bags or simply wrapped in a couple of sheets of newspaper.

“Many householders are less inclined to use their brown bin at this time of year when they have less grass cuttings and hedge clippings to dispose of. But the brown bin should be used all year round for the purpose of food recycling,” commented Lynsey Daly, Waste and Environmental manager.

“We want to discourage local people from wasting food in the first instance and some useful tips and delicious recipes can be found at

“However, if you do have food leftovers, you should recycle it through the brown bin with a view to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. “

No food waste should be placed in the black bin.