Magherally’s new minister is welcomed by congregation

The congregation of Magherally Presbyterian Church have welcomed a new minister, the Rev Nigel Kane.

Tuesday, 24th June 2014, 12:58 pm
The new Minister of Magherally Presbyterian Rev Nigel Kane BSc, PGCE, MEd, DipMin pictured after his Ordination and Installation with wife Sonia and children Emily, Caleb and Joanna © Edward Byrne Photography INBL1424-246EB

The Rev Kane was installed on Friday June 13 and he will also serve Katesbridge - the Iveagh Presbytery having appointed him as ‘stated supply’ to this congregation.

At his installation service, the Rev Kane spoke of what he hopes to bring to the Magherally congregation.

“I believe I have two main rolls” said Rev Kane.

Rev Nigel Kane BSc, PGCE, MEd, DipMin pictured after his Ordination and Installation with Acting Clerk Rev Gordon Best, Moderator of Iveagh Presbytery Rev Brian Martin,Acting Convenor Rev Adrian Moffett, Rev Trevor Boyd, Representative Elders Richard Fleming and Brian Todd © Edward Byrne Photography INBL1424-247EB

“One is to faithfully and clearly teach God’s word and the other is to lovingly pastor each person connected to the congregation”.

Rev Kane moved to the area with his wife Sonia and three children Emily, Caleb and Joanne.

He is originally from the little village of Curran in Co Londonderry.

“Curran is my home congregation, I grew up there,” said Rev Kane.

Rev Nigel Kane with Katesbridge Presbyterian Elders Robert McElroy, Gordon Elliott, Robert McMinn and Clerk of Session William Cochrane © Edward Byrne Photography INBL1424-248EB

“I was later ordained there as an elder in 2004, and then when I was appointed minister in 2009 I served there again”.

Rev Kane first felt a call to the ministry during his years teaching maths in Ballymena.

“I had been a maths teacher for almost 14 years when God started to work in my life.

“During my time as an elder I’d had opportunities to take services in my home church and neighbouring churches, and had also carried out pastoral duties and I started to feel God was calling me to the ministry.

“I was quite happy teaching maths though and so I resisted the call for a couple of years, but in the end I decided to fill out an application form for the ministry feeling that God would guide me.

“When it came back as a yes, I knew it was the path to go down. Once I knew I was walking in the path God wanted and I accepted his will, God undertook for every step of the way. He undertook everything from looking after my family, to college and studies, and my assistantship.

“It was also very clear that God was calling me to Magherally. After my interview I was invited to preach and I felt a warmth from the congregation. Afterwards I received a call.

“I felt this warmth again at my installation and feel I have an assurance that this is where God wants me to be. Sonia has started to settle in well and is 100% behind me. The children too have just started their new schools on Monday and already have been making friends.

Speaking of his installation, Rev Kane said: “it was a really special evening for us as a family and as a congregation”.

Rev Kane is grateful to the Rev George McClelland who oversaw the process of his interview and installation.