Looking ahead as Dromore 2012 gets underway in earnest

DROMORE 2012 got underway in earnest with the Kidz Club and Youth Programme operating throughout this week.

A spokesperson for organisers looked ahead to coming events.

“Next week,” he said, “items of particular interest include ‘Staying Alive’, a men’s health event where Dr Michael Crawford and Dr Gareth Hampton will be sharing their expertise with the men of the town who are keen to take the first steps towards improving their personal health.

“Perhaps it is no mistake that this comes right on the heels of the ‘Sweet Night’, where many traditional desserts and newer recipe suggestions will be available to sample; see how to make them being demonstrated and pick up a few new recipes to take away and impress your family.

“Wednesday is an evening reserved for the ladies with a ‘Health and Beauty Evening’ featuring Deborah Campbell from Lancome sharing her expertise and then both Zumba and Armchair Exercise for you to sample.

“If you’ve seen the videos on TV this is the perfect opportunity for you to come along and try these out for yourself.

“On Thursday evening is ‘A Question of Sport’, featuring the principals of Dromore High School (John Wilkinson) and Dromore Central Primary School (Jim Cochrane), as team captains for local sportspersons battling it out and then it is the turn of the young people in a Youth Quiz night on Friday.

“The week’s activity is rounded off with a free Family Film night, using the expertise of the Iveagh Movie Studios team, on Saturday evening.

“The venue for all events is Dromore High School, with full details on start times available on the website www.dromore2012.com.

“All events will include a short, challenging message about the relevance of Jesus Christ in our lives today and feed perfectly into the third and final week, where Billy Patterson will seek to demonstrate how Jesus is not only relevant, but can really help people who feel their life is in pieces right now.”

Organisers wish to highlight that the start time for the family film night on Saturday, April 21, is 7.30pm and NOT 7pm, as printed on some promotional posters.