Lockhart welcomes changes to Rugby Avenue plans

Carla Lockhart.
Carla Lockhart.

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart has welcomed news that plans for new developments near the Rugby Avenue area of Banbridge have been reconsidered in consultation with local residents.

Rugby Avenue is a small cul-de-sac with a very narrow road way. 
Mrs Lockhart said that it was felt by residents living here that it would “not be able to cope with the large volumes associated with over 200 new homes”.

“I have worked extensively on this particular issue with primarily residents from Rugby Avenue, the planning consultants and local planners to resolve this matter,” Mrs Lockhart said.

She added: “I met with residents some months ago and we are delighted that their concerns have been taken on board and that the new plans submitted do not permit any vehicular access via the Avenue.

“Whilst keen to see Banbridge progress as a hotbed for new housing it is imperative that current residents are not inconvenienced.”