Lockhart wants handcarts

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DUP Cllr Carla Lockhart has stated she is starting a crusade to get the street cleansing handcarts into the main towns as well as the village areas.

Speaking on the issue Cllr Carla Lockhart said: “This has always been a mantra of mine and I have decided that I am going to drive forward the idea that handcarts are used by Council throughout the large and not so large housing estates and developments in our towns and villages.

“This comes following residents plight to see their areas enhanced and improved.

“Handcarts for a long number of years were a thing of the past however, I have come to a recognition that handcarts worked.

“The operators of them not only kept the area clean but it restore community confidence in the council and its desire to keep the area clean and tidy.

“I have requested that this be looked at urgently and the hand carts commissioned throughout our towns and villages immediately.

“I look forward to building on the start that has been made in some of the rural areas. Together we can keep this borough clean and tidy.”