Lockhart’s ‘Spot the Pot’ campaign


DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart is the first councillor in the ABC area to start a campaign called ‘Spot the Pot’.

This comes following the number of complaints she has received about roads and the number of potholes in the area.

Speaking about the campaign Councillor Lockhart said: “whilst I am not a fan of politicians standing around pointing at pot holes it has to be recognised that this is a big issue for people living and travelling on the roads throughout our Borough.

“I have commenced a Spot the Pot campaign which allows residents to inform me of any areas were the potholes exist so that I can report them and ensure that they are fixed.

“I can be contacted on 07833 198008 or alternatively via email carlalockhart@outlook.com.

“If you are able to provide photos it certainly is useful.

“Together we must tackle the problem that exists and I will in the new Assembly mandate be lobbying for additional resources for roads maintenance.

“Winter has taken its toll on the roads network and I believe we will see a spike in the number of claims against the Department for vehicles damaged on the roads.

“It is essential that these pot holes are fixed immediately.”