Local motorists urged to report potholes

Councillor Glenn Barr has called on motorists to report potholes.
Councillor Glenn Barr has called on motorists to report potholes.

Local motorists have been urged to report any potholes in the hope they will get repaired.

Many local roads are baring the scars of weeks of freezing weather and snow with potholes causing issues across the area.

Councillor Glenn Barr has called on local people to contact him or the Department of Infrastructure if they see a pothole that needs attention.

Cllr Barr said: “If they come across potholes they can contact myself or there is the website, where they can pinpoint exactly where the pothole is.

“They only need to put their email in and they will get a reference number back so they can follow when it is being done.

“Our Roads are a disgrace but worse still they are downright dangerous. The roads I’m usually on are very bad, a lot of them have been patched up but whenever you are driving on country roads you are hitting pot holes all the time. I am continually alerting Transport NI of developing problems, I have reported a couple of hundred to Transport NI easily, if the exact location of the potholes can be noted that makes it easier.”

Councillor Barr added that he accepted the Transport NI budget was stretched: “Obviously I understand they are working within a budget they don’t really have, but people are wrecking their cars because of the state of the roads and that’s not acceptable.”

If you want to report a pothole you can report it online at https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/services/report-pothole