Local households told to ‘Lighten up’

The Lighten Up anti-burglary campaign has relaunched, with the winter months upon us.

Monday, 13th October 2014, 5:18 pm

E District Crime Prevention Officer, Lisa Sherman, explained: “This campaign is about empowering householders to take steps which will lessen their chance of becoming a victim of burglary.

“The message is simple - Leave a light on and keep your home safe and secure.

“As we head into the increasingly darker evenings, unoccupied and unlit homes can be particularly vulnerable to unscrupulous burglars who, because the house is in darkness, can easily identify that there is no one at home.

“The Lighten Up campaign outlines a few simple steps that householders can take to reduce the likelihood of being targeted in this way by a burglar. Steps like using a timer switch for lamps, investing in external lighting and low energy dusk to dawn sensor light bulbs. A well lit home gives the impression that someone is in and can discourage any would be thieves.

“We have created a handy leaflet with tips and advice on protecting your home and will be distributing these throughout E District.