Littering concerns a case of no smoke without fire

When it comes to persistent claims of litter problems in Dromore it appears it may

be a case of no smoke

without fire.

With Market Square in particular this week likened to an ashtray, it seems it’s smokers who are first in line for fresh criticism.

That criticism comes from a regular visitor to town, who did not want to be named but felt compelled to speak out due to his links to the area and precisely because, he said, he found Dromore to be, on the whole, a tidy town.

“I would be in Dromore a great deal,” he said, “but as an outsider I wouldn’t want people to think I’m sticking my nose in.

“All the same, compared to a lot of places, Dromore is very clean ; the Square looks lovely, until you look down and find fag ends lying all over the place.

“They’re everywhere you turn. I’m a smoker myself but that doesn’t mean I think it’s okay that Market Square is looking like an ashtray.

“It’s just a shame that a few thoughtless people are still leaving their rubbish at their backsides and, most of all, tossing cigarette butts at their feet.”

As well as cigarette stubbs, the frequent visitor spotted, during a quick town-centre tour, discarded plastic bags, broken glass, torn papers, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, fast-food wrappers and burger boxes, not to mention the pancaked peppering of pavement gum, an issue that comparatively recently moved some locals to publicly chew-out the culprits.

Dromore’s well documented difficulties with dog mess didn’t go unnoticed either.

“I’ve heard a lot from local friends about the dog fouling problems and I saw it for myself when I was walking through the park the other day.

“The grass verge along the riverside is like a minefield and there’s plenty of it to be found about the town too.

“When will people learn it’s not only disgusting but it’s dangerous, especially in a park where there’ll be youngsters running through it?”

The observant outsider wasn’t buying any arguments about the availability of bins either.

“I know some people have argued more bins are needed, and the wee cigarette bins,” he said.

“Maybe more are needed - I don’t know - but I know that the ground was filthy with butts within arm’s reach of at least one bin in the Square and the same with the dog mess; there were two dog litter bins in plain sight on the same verge that was plastered in the park.”