Lights issues could be down to old poles

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DUP councillor and Upper Bann Assembly candidate Carla Lockhart has provided an update about the LED lighting, after receiving numerous complaints.

Since they began being rolled out, the LED lights have been met with dismay from the public with worries centring around how much less light the LED lights provide in comparison with the old street lights.

She said: “I have been inundated with complaints about the LED lighting that has recently been installed. By way of background this is a scheme that was approved by the previous DRD Minister and is currently under way throughout Upper Bann.

“I am aggrieved that before this started there would appear to have been absolutely no consultation and they have used the old poles which in many cases are not tall enough or not positioned in the right location.

“The scheme is still on ongoing and DRD have given us a commitment to assess areas where there have been complaints and we will be able to get the areas reassessed.

“Folks, this is a sorry situation. In some areas it has worked because of the poles network but in the vast majority of areas there is darkness.”

One Banbridge resident agreed that the poles being too far apart are of the main problems.

She said: “Take a walk down Gowanvale Drive. The lights are so bad you can’t see much. The poles are too far apart.

“Thank goodness the day light is getting longer as there are kids playing. It is only a matter of time before one gets hurt.”

Another resident claimed the LED lights were equivalent to a blackout.

She said: “It looks the same as when there’s a street light power cut. I now realise what others were saying was completely true.

“What if it’s icy or frosty? I won’t be able to see a thing! It’s shocking how bad the lights are, really. They’re also a lot higher than the orange lights were. Just useless. What a waste of taxpayers money!

“The only good thing to come out of this is being able to see more stars.”