Library consultation call

THERE was a call this week for local residents, especially those in rural areas, to respond to the ongoing Mobile Library Services Consultation.

It came from Ulster Unionist Councillor Olive Mercer, who said, “Libraries NI are seeking our views on a proposed strategy for the Mobile Library Service throughout Northern Ireland. The new strategy aims to ensure that the use of the service increases and that it meets the needs of current and future users. “

The strategy is comprised of five service proposals designed to improve and harmonise the mobile service whilst maintaining customer satisfaction.

Mrs. Mercer added, “These proposals include targeting all ages of user groups including schools and playgroups plus service delivery in rural and urban areas to encourage an overall increase in usage of the service.

“The consultation runs from 24 September 2012 to 14 December 2012. The full consultation document can be accessed on the Library NI website ( with reports outlining the findings of a draft Equality Impact Assessment and draft Rural Impact Assessment.”