‘Let down’ by Housing Executive

A local community association claims that it has been ‘let down time after time’ by the Housing Executive.

Wednesday, 28th August 2013, 3:00 pm

The Cline Road Community Association claims that “law biding families” in the area are being treated like “second class citizens” by the Housing Executive who allegedly “keep moving bad elements” into the area.

“Something has to be done but the Housing Executive aren’t listening”, claimed a representative from the community association.

“Some of the tenants they are moving in aren’t welcome in the area if they are dealing drugs and causing trouble. It’s not on and it’s not acceptable.”

They continued: “The whole community is sick of “dirt” being turfed out of other estates and being moved into ours and the Housing Executive isn’t doing anything about it when we complain.”

“We work with the council and other public services across the board and the only group we can’t work with is the Housing Executive who refuse to work with us on this.

“There’s no flexibility and the community association is disgusted.”

“We don’t want these bad elements being housed beside us and bringing down the area - something has to be done immediately.”


The Community Association say that they are currently in discussions with local political representatives and hope to take the matter further over the course of the coming weeks.

A spokesperson for the Housing Executive said; “The Housing Executive takes all reports of dissatisfaction or complaint very seriously.

“In Banbridge we have a long and successful history of working with all Community Groups building a reputation for listening to the views of both individuals and local communities proving responsive and innovative in our approach.”

The spokesperson continued, “All Housing Executive properties are allocated in accordance with the Housing Selection Scheme - a tight statutory framework – and totally on the basis of housing need.

“The Housing Executive is always happy to attend meetings to try to resolve any ongoing or new issues in an open and transparent way.”

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