Lectures concludes with book launch

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BANBRIDGE District Council’s popular ‘Remembering the Future’ lecture series finishes on a high note at Banbridge Old Town Hall on Thursday 6 December at 7.30pm with another enthralling talk.

And as an added bonus the evening will see the launch of lecturer Dr. Alan Parkinson’s latest book entitled ‘Friends in High Places - Ulster’s Resistance to Irish Home Rule, 1912–14’.

The final lecture entitled, ‘Partition, Treaty and Civil War’ will be co-delivered by, Dr. Eamon Phoenix, who has chaired the entire lecture series, and Dr. Alan Parkinson, a former academic, teacher-trainer and writer who has produced several books on modern Irish history and the social history of modern London including ‘Belfast’s Unholy War –the Twenties’ Troubles’; ‘1972 and the Ulster Troubles- A Very Bad Year’ and ‘Charlie Chaplin’s South London’.

Published by the Ulster Historical Foundation, ‘Friends in High Places - Ulster’s Resistance to Irish Home Rule, 1912–14’ describes how Ireland teetered upon the cusp of Home Rule towards the end of the Edwardian period. Only the determined opposition of Ulster unionists and their allies in Great Britain prevented this from occurring.

The book tells the story of Ulster’s organised resistance to the Third Home Rule Bill, and in particular assesses the nature and degree of success of unionists’ political and propaganda campaigns and examines the significance of key events during these crucial years of Ulster’s resistance to Irish Home Rule. With its timely publication in 2012, this book is a must-read for those with an interest in this pivotal period of early twentieth-century Irish political history.

Dr Eamon Phoenix said of the book. “This is a riveting read, meticulously researched, and a well-written analysis that places the Ulster Unionist struggle against the Third Home Rule Bill in its wider British context. Dr Alan Parkinson presents a refreshing, compelling and balanced account of a pivotal period in modern Irish history.”

Speaking of the ‘Remembering the Future’ series ‘ Banbridge District Council Chairman, Councillor Junior McCrum stated, “The series has been a hugely successful venture for the council with the Old Town Hall achieving full capacity for each lecture. Topics covered have been wide ranging to include the Home Rule crisis, the Ulster Covenant, the 1916 Easter rising, the Labour and Women’s movements in Ireland, Nationalism in Ireland and Ireland and the First World War. We are very pleased that Dr. Parkinson has decided to launch his new book in Banbridge and wish him every success with this venture.”

Copies of Dr. Parkinson’s book will be available to purchase on the night. For those unable to attend the lecture, please contact the Ulster Historical Foundation on T: 9066 1988 or E: enquiry@uhf.org.uk for information about local stockists.