Leaves pile up in Gilford’s Woodlands

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A Gilford resident has said he is fed up asking local agencies to clear up parts of the Woodlands estate.

Mr Dessie Millar, who lives in Woodlands, said the area is very scenic but that the agencies are failing to keep up with work to keep the area tidy.

The issue came to light once again following recent high winds, which caused leaves to pile up outside the houses.

“There were a lot of leaves at the back and when I opened the back door they were about three foot high,” explained Mr Millar.

“Where we live is a beautiful place. It is very scenic but I am fighting all the time about the need for someone to clean where we are.

“They will do it for a few weeks after I complain and then stop. At the top of the estate is lovely and clean but around here at the back is a disgrace. The leaves have blown everywhere.

“The leaves are up to the top of the wall at the back of my house and no-one has done anything about it. There’s a football pitch and park in front of us and the council are there every day cleaning it up and clearing the leaves but they don’t come here,” he added.

It is unclear whether the Council or Housing Executive are responsible for the upkeep of the area.

A spokesperson for Banbridge District Council said they were looking into the matter.