Leader readers have their say on painting ban

The controversial painting banned from an exhibition at the FE McWilliam Gallery by Banbridge Council has caused a stir among Leader readers.

The painting which included a naked gay sex scene was banned at the gallery but the Leader asked if the council was right to ban it from the exhibition.

Scores of people claimed the act was censorship while others agreed with the council.

Stephen Henry said, “It is censorship whatever way you look at it. Where does it go now...films, books? Don’t like it, don’t go.”

“Oh that’s good spend millions on a Art Gallery and then don’t hang the art up,” said Bernie Scullion.

Damian McAleavey said, “To paraphrase Jake O’Kane the council is there to make sure my bins are emptied, not to be my Moral guardian.”

Amy Owens commented, “Any painting showing a sex scene regardless of gender is poor taste to be displayed.”

Grant Nesbitt defended the council’s decision. “If the councillors hadn’t made that call to ban it, everyone would be jumping on the band wagon blaming them for letting it go up. I think they made the right decision,”

Stewart Penn however said, “The picture is of two naked men embracing watched over by a lone female. The objective is to identify and stimulate debate on issues of identity in modern day Ireland. It is not a naked gay sex scene.”

Lisa Murphy McCourt, said, “Don’t millions of kids watch grown men hugging and kissing each other after a goal is scored...! What’s the difference.”

Viv Hamill asked, “Can we ban Tony Hart paintings?”