Leader readers cry foul on dog dirt

THE district’s dog fouling problem seems to be getting worse, according to our readers.

On our Facebook page this week we have been asking you for your thoughts on dog fouling after reports that owners had not been cleaning up after their mess in Banbridge, in particular in the Newry Street/Newry Road area of Banbridge.

It seems to be something that irks our readers greatly, so we wanted to know what you would like to see done about it.

Here’s what you had to say...

Mary McDowell - “It can’t be any worse than the Castlewellan Road, it’s a disgrace. The owners of these dogs need to be caught and fined.”

Danielle McKee - “Ballygowan Road is a total disgrace. Walk to school with a pram and you have to dodge dog foul everyday. I suggest dog foul patrols as they have them in England. If you have a dog you should clean up after it!”

Colin Copeland - Newry Road footpaths are covered in dog mess and the lane between it and the Old Newry Road above graveyard. The council should have wardens for this as there is already adequate dog foul bins.”

Paul Kinkead - “The Old Newry Road is serious for this, you basically have to walk with your head down so you don’t walk in it. It’s a nightmare with a pram.”

Hayley Russell - “The Dromore Road is awful too. Last week while doing a school run with a double buggy I saw a young man letting his two large dogs do their business which went on for around three metres, I had to go on the road to avoid the mess. Are there no cameras? The fines should be a lot bigger as obviously the ones in place don’t scare people!”

Lee Hall - “The Scarva Road is also disgusting, trying to walk down the path with a pram is a nightmare! Need to introduce more penalties. If the people who were caught and named and shamed in the paper it might make people think twice!”

Rachael McCrory - “When I walk my dogs I bring a whole pocket full of bags to lift their dirty business. However, when you go out walking around there is so much foul it’s a disgrace. It only takes a second to bend down and pick it up.”

Leanne Weir - “My wee boy walked in it the other day on his way to school - it’s disgusting. I have a dog and even when my daughter brings her out I insist she takes bags to pick up its business - it only takes a minute to pick it up, I hate to think what these people’s gardens look like.”

Charlene Moore - “If people can’t lift their dog’s business when they are out walking they should not have a dog. Hit people hard with penalties until they get the idea! They have no respect for anyone in the community.”

Grace Murphy - “It is being a responsible dog owner to lift it, I have three dogs of my own and wouldn’t dream of just leaving it there for other people to walk through. There is plenty of doggy bins on most footpaths round the town!”

Norah Shields-Burns - “Dogs are meant to be family! Would you dog owners allow your kids to do this? I know I wouldn’t. It’s a simple act - pick it up!”

Leanne Loney - “Donaghcloney is awful with it! Especially up around the primary school.”

Bernie Scullion - “Gilford is just as bad.”

Kirby Mccordick - “I was walking up to school with the kids one morning and a man was letting his dog poo and he just walked off. He wasn’t impressed when I asked, ‘Are you going lift that?’”