Lag and tag your pipes this winter

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HOME and business owners are being urged to begin their preparations for winter by lagging and tagging their pipes.

NI Water has launched a campaing to remind people about lagging their pipes and tagging their stop valves to make them easily identifiable in the case of a burst pipe.

Upper Bann MLA Jo-Anne Dobson has welcomed the development. “We are all too aware of the disruption and difficulties which were faced by many local people due to last year’s severe winter weather,” said the UUP member.

“Now is exactly the right time to look at what the different agencies, including NI Water, are offering to the public to help prepare for the winter ahead.

“Homeowners are responsible for the pipework within their properties and as many people are now aware, prevention is much better than dealing with the aftermath of a burst. Simple steps such as insulating water tanks and pipes in your unheated areas such as lofts, roof spaces, garages and out buildings and opening the trap door to allow some of the warm air to circulate in your roof space can go a long way to preventing a burst.

“Lagging the pipes in your house and locating the stop valve can be vital during a freezing winter.” said Mrs Dobson “It would also be useful for people to have the number of a SNIPEF (Scotland & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers Federation) registered plumber just in case a pipe does burst.

“Through this scheme, NI Water is working with both the public and local businesses to help them in their winter preparations and in doing so is highlighting the role everyone needs to play to reduce the risk of disruption to water supplies.”

NI Water is providing bright yellow tags free of charge by calling the Waterline number 08457 440088 or emailing Mrs Dobson said they are also available from her office in Rathfriland Street.