Keep drones in open space


NIE Networks has issued a new year safety warning to anyone flying drones to stay well away from power lines and substations.

The warning follows a rise in popularity of drones and quadcopters as Christmas presents, and NIE Networks has said these aircraft could cause damage to the network if they crashed into equipment.

Rachele Glendinning, NIE Networks Safety Officer said: “The new drones and quadcopters are very powerful and can fly at great speeds and heights. The range is such that they can be difficult to see, especially on duller or rainy days.

“If one of these drones was to strike an overhead power line or crash into a substation, it could cause major equipment damage and also injure those on the ground. If you’ve been given a drone for Christmas, we want you to enjoy it safely, so fly it where there is no risk of hitting overhead power lines or substations.

Rachele added: “If you do lose control and your aircraftfalls into a substation or brings down an overhead power line, stay well away and contact NIE Networks on 03457 643 643.