Katesbridge tree replaced

The original Katesbridge Christmas tree.
The original Katesbridge Christmas tree.
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The Christmas tree in Katesbridge has been replaced by Banbridge District Council after it was damaged during stormy weather.

Residents in the village were delighted to see council taking action as they were disappointed with the original tree with some saying it was an “insult”.

When the first tree was erected a number of people to express their views online via social media. One Facebook user said: “Katesbridge’s Christmas Tree is pathetic compared to the rest of the nearing villages! And one decoration on it; we really are spoilt by the council would you agree?”

Another said: “It’s shocking. I would near say the tree’s an insult, I’ve never seen anything so pathetic.”

Ulster Unionist Councillor Glenn Barr welcomed the Council’s change of Christmas tree in Katesbridge.

Mr Barr commented: “When I saw the tree I was embarrassed - embarrassed that someone actually thought this was suitable for our constituents for Christmas.”

He continued: “There was hardly a branch on the tree, however, this has been quickly rectified and I am pleased to say that after speaking to residents they are now happy with the tree and decorations and that it is in keeping with the spirit of Christmas and cheers the village up.”

Barry Patience, Banbridge District Council Head of Technical Services, commented: “Unfortunately, due to the stormy weather during Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, the Christmas tree in Katesbridge was damaged beyond repair.

“The tree was replaced throughout the course of Friday afternoon, with plans for it to be lit up by nightfall.”