Justice Minister pays a visit to New-Bridge

NEW-BRIDGE Integrated College was delighted to welcome David Ford, Leader of the Alliance Party and Minister of Justice, to the school on Friday February 15 to meet with sixth form students.

Sunday, 3rd March 2013, 8:00 am

Following on from a radio broadcast where Mr Ford was discussing Alliance’s policy on a ‘shared future’ in relation to integrated education, Mrs Ann Anderson invited Mr Ford to visit the school.

In preparation for the visit sixth form students had spent time studying the ‘For Everyone’ Alliance Policy document - an Executive Strategy to build a shared and better future. Through a question and answer session, the students were interested in the Alliance’s strategy to increase the percentage of pupils attending integrated schools to 20%.

With New-Bridge Integrated College awaiting a decision on their development proposal from the Department of Education, to increase their intake in Year 8 to 100 pupils and sixth form to 120 pupils, Mr Ford indicated his support for successful schools to be allowed to grow to meet the demand for integrated places.

Mr Ford went on to answer questions on the recent flag protests as well as questions on alliance plans to address segregation in building a better shared future.

Mrs Anderson was very grateful to Mr Ford in taking the time out to visit the school and meet with staff and students.