Intruder demands money from elderly woman


A 60 year old retired civil servant from Banbridge has been banned for a year and fined £250 after pleading guilty to driving with excess alcohol.

Paul Ernest Murfitt from Bramblewood Grove appeared before the local court last Thursday.

Murfitt came to police attention on 24 October when he was involved in a minor accident when he reversed into a parked car. He failed a road side test and after being taken to Banbridge Police Station, it was revealed he was 56mgs in excess of the legal limit. When cautioned he replied, “I understand.”

Solicitor Mr Orr said his client had just returned from Spain and was heading out for supplies. However he said Murfitt had been drinking whiskey. He said Murfitt was reversing into a parking space and he scratched the bumper of a parked vehicle.

District Judge Mr Copeland said Murfitt was a suitable candidate for the drink drive offender’s course which is successfully completed, will see his period of disqualification reduced to nine months.

He will also be required to be retested. A £15 offender’s levy was also made.