Illness and injury hit Blackthorn Gathering

ILLNESS and injury hit the most recent of Dromore’s Blackthorn Gatherings, but a multi-tasking Fear en tighe, Michael McBride, came to the rescue, opening the programme in a duet with young Ryan Cupples.

There were, too, a scattering of new faces at the Thyme Square gathering and organisers hope the newcomers will not in future shy away from bringing along their pipes.

“Remember, our society is for everyone,” a spokesperson said.

Following Michael and Ryan was Sydney Moore, resplendent in full dress and impressive with a spirited march and two four-part jigs.

He was followed in turn by Mr. Glen Cupples Senior, a regular at the gatherings and an active member of the society. His first set of tunes were four/four marches and he too finished with two jigs.

Blackthorn Piper of the evening was Alastair Murray, finely dressed in keeping with the formality of the role.

He opened up with a set of marches and a set of slow airs, moving on to a set of Irish jigs and an MSR (march, strathspey and reel).

“A big thanks to Alastair and all the pipers who played,” the spokesperson said, “and also to the audience who listened so intently.”

The next Blackthorn Gathering will be in the Thyme Square Bistro, Market Square, Dromore on Wednesday, March 14 - doors open at 7.30pm.