Illegal dumping causing misery for residents

Pic by Google.
Pic by Google.

A local man has pleaded for the council to address illegal dumping near his house, which, he says, has led to a pest problem in the area.

Daniel McAlinden told the Leader that he has contacted Armagh, Banbridge and Craighavon Council several times about the illegal dumping of waste on land near Burn Brae.

The local authority has given assurances that it will be addressing the matter and launching a full investigation.

Mr McAlinden said that his first correspondence with council officers was back in May and he claims that since that time no efforts have been made to address the problem.

He said: “I am still waiting on something being done. The rubbish at the side of the house just keeps getting bigger.

“We had to get pest control out to the house. They came out last week and checked the traps and could see a lot of the poison pellets had been eaten.

“There could be everything there. Rubbish bags are just thrown there. It is a massive health issue.”

A spokesperson for the Council vowed to carry out a full investigation into the issue.

They said: “The council’s Environmental Health team will be undertaking a full investigation into the illegally dumped waste to see if there is a case for prosecution.

“There is a possibility that the waste lies on private land and if so the council have no authority to remove the waste, this would be the responsibility of the landowner.

“As part of the investigation the Environmental Health team will be able to establish who is responsible for the clean-up.

“The council will endeavour to clean this material up as soon as possible if it is within their remit.

“A Waste Management officer has been in contact with the individual who lodged the complaint with the council to explain the current action and will inform them of the outcome of the investigation once it is complete.”