Ho ho no... Resident criticises village Christmas Tree

THERE is a serious lack of Christmas cheer in Donaghcloney, according to a village resident.

The Christmas tree in the village could be mistaken for just another tree, said the resident, due to the fact there are no decorations on it.

And that, say Craigavon Borough Council, is down to a council policy to combat vandalism.

“Every year it goes up and there’s not a ball or a streamer on it,” said the resident, who did not wish to be named.

“If you drive about and go to other towns and villages you’ll see lots of trees up and they’re all beautifully decorated. In Donaghcloney we only get some blue lights and they aren’t even switched on half the time.

“We’re paying our rates like everyone else so I just think we should get something better at Christmas time. There is nothing here at Christmas for the kids to see. There used to be a lights switch-on every year and now I don’t even think that happens. If it does it’s poorly publicised because I’ve never heard about it.

“I have started to call the place ‘Desolate Donaghcloney’ because it’s so dark and dismal. It’s terrible, they might as well not bother.”

A spokesperson for the council said that vandalism on Christmas trees over the years had forced them to adopt their stance a decade ago.

“For over 10 years it has been council policy to only put lights on our Christmas trees to stop vandalism,” the spokesperson said.

A problem with the tree’s lights appears to be resolved. They had not been working due to work which had been carried where the tree stands but by Thursday night they were back on.

The resident suggested that the council could look into putting lights on some of the smaller trees in the proximity of the main Christmas tree.

“It would brighten the place up a bit,” she said. “And as for decorations if they are put on properly then I think it would be harder for any vandalism to occur.”