Highland dancing at WI

Ballievey Women’s Institute recently held its December meeting in The Young Farmers’ hall at Ballydown.

Sunday, 13th December 2015, 9:47 am

The President Ann Martin welcomed some young members of Closkelt Highland Dancers entertained everyone with a display of their dances.

A few fit members even took to the floor to try some of the steps for themselves.

The vote of thanks to the dancers was given by Jennifer Clark.

The competition ‘A Souvenir from Scotland’ was won by Lou McKnight, with Mairead Woods in second place.

Kathleen Moore and Iris Megaw won first and second respectively for their ‘Christmas Stocking’ competition at the ‘Let’s Celebrate Christmas’ event at Enniskillen.

Iris and Mairead were also congratulated on gaining a ribbon each towards their Gold Award.

A very enjoyable evening for Ballievey WI closed with the singing of ‘A Countrywoman’s Song’.