High level of Trust complaints is causing concern

David Simpson. INLM4510-917con
David Simpson. INLM4510-917con

Concerns have been expressed after figures on the Department of Health website revealed the Southern Trust had the highest number of complaint issues relating to a number of departments.

These included family and childcare, mental health, elderly services and learning disability.

Upper Bann MP David Simpson said, “I am concerned that the Southern Trust has the highest reported complaints in areas relating to those most vulnerable in our society.

“Clearly these services need attention and I will be asking the local Trust to carry out a review to identify how they can improve the services and reduce complaints. I will be asking the Trust to carry out a review to identify how they can improve the services.

“I will be meeting with the Interim Chief Executive again this week to ensure that relevant steps are in place to safeguard as much money as possible from the UK Government.

“On a more positive note the Southern Trust along with the Belfast Trust were the only areas to achieve their targets set out for complaints relating to staff attitude, behaviours and communication.”

“I want to praise the staff for all of their hard work and these particular figures as they highlight the one to one patient care.”