Here today but where tomorrow?

WITH the speed of facility of modern travel it is possible to have your breakfast in the UK and have your tea in the USA. In travel terms the world has shrunk and this has opened up a whole new vista on holiday destinations with many companies specialising in long haul flights to exotic and distant locations. Writes Myrtle Beggs.

Those who wish to travel are less restricted in their choice and even the most remote places have become accessible so you and I could be here today and almost anywhere on earth tomorrow. Now that winter has passed and we are approaching summer, many will be contacting their local Travel Agencies looking their brochures for information on their chosen destination in the sun, as we would call it our Summer Break away from work, school and the hustle and bustle of all around us.

Many may have their summer holidays already booked and a deposit paid in part payment and everything carried out to secure or safeguard safety measures to ensure when the date and time approaches full payment will be paid and all that’s left is hope for good weather. This is all in order, however, when we read in James 4 v 14 & 15, James warns against presuming that we can do this or do that tomorrow or in a few weeks.

We read, whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow, for what is your life? It is even as a vapour that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away. Proverbs 27 v1 “Boast not thyself of tomorrow for thou knoweth not what a day may bring forth”.

As we look back over the last few weeks, Life is uncertain. I can only call this present moment mine and I cannot definitely state what I shall do or where I will be tomorrow.

So dear reader may I ask you, ‘What are your plans for later on today and tomorrow?’ You may say ‘I have no idea, no-one can really be sure’. But there are those of us know for certain if things don’t work out as planned, if calamities should suddenly overtake us if life should unexpectedly be brought to an end, that all is well for eternity.

Dear reader, the fact regarding Christ’s death on your and my behalf are absolutely beyond dispute in 1st Corinthians 15 v 3 we read “Christ died for our Sins”, Romans 5 v 8 we read “Christ died for us”, 1st Peter 2 v 24 we read “Who his own self bare our Sins in his own body on the tree”. CHRIST (God’s Son) cleanseth us from ALL SIN. But we must put our FAITH and TRUST in him and in him alone for our individual Salvation.

The writer of these few lines saved by grace over 46 years ago in my own home at 5 past 1 am on the 21st November 1966. I can say in confidence of the Apostle Paul in Romans 8 v 38 “For I am persuaded that neither DEATH nor LIFE nor ANGELS nor POWERS not things present or things to come shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Dear reader all has been done that you and I might be in Heaven. Are you prepared to trust Christ just think of what he suffered on Calvary’s Centre Cross. I ask you one question! Why was he there as the barer of sin if by him my quilt was not laid, or why from his side flowed the sin cleansing blood, if by his dying my debt has not paid? Trust Christ and then tomorrow will hold no dread for you and peace be yours amid all of the uncertaintees of life.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what this life is all about? Why you’re here and where you’re going when you lease of time runs out? Maybe you’ve been far too busy, trying hard to reach your goal.

Would you let me ask you kindly. Have you thought about your Soul?

You may reach the highest portals and your dreams may all come true. Wealth and fame may be your portion and success may shine on you. All your friends may sing your praises, not a care on you may roll. What about the GREAT TOMORROW? Have you thought about your Soul?

Don’t forget your days are numbered, though you may be riding high, but like all of us poor mortals, someday you’ll just up and die. Your success and fame and glory won’t be worth the bell they toil. Let me ask you just one question. Have you thought about your Soul?

If you’ve never thought it over, spend a little time today. There is nothing more important that will ever come your way than to know your sins forgiven and to know you’ve been made whole. In the name of CHRIST the SAVIOUR, Have you thought about your Soul?

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