Help for customers as bank branch to close

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The Consumer Council has produced a series of online resources to help consumers affected by the closure of the Portadown branch of First Trust Bank on Friday, August 4.

These include a current account price comparison table and regional maps highlighting alternative financial services available in the town.

The branch is one of 15 to close across Northern Ireland between June and August.

Maeve Holly, senior consumer policy officer at The Consumer Council, said, “Consumers should shop around to make sure they get the best overall deal and service from their bank. Our support tools will help consumers explore alternative options, if their existing bank cannot give them the services they need.

“We have worked with Ordnance Survey to produce a series of maps highlighting the financial services that remain in areas affected by branch closures. These include Post Offices, cash machines, credit unions and other banks.”

She added, “The Consumer Council understood that First Trust Bank had written to customers affected by the branch closure and held a public information evening in Portadown.

“Customers who have not yet considered making alternative arrangements should contact First Trust directly to discuss their options, and raise any concerns they may have, before the branch closes.”

Visit or contact 0800 121 6022 to receive a printed copy.