Local police team up with Trust to help patients

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Police in Banbridge are working in partnership with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust Memory Service to help vulnerable people protect their home and property.

Working with the Trust’s Memory Teams, police have developed an information pack which will be distributed to patients who come under the care of health and social care staff in the Memory Teams.

Many patients are elderly and all have been diagnosed with a memory illness.

Crime Prevention Officer Michelle Wilson explained: “There are currently around 22,000 people in Northern Ireland diagnosed with a memory illness.

“We believe that the pack will be a quick and easy way of reaching a large, cross community section of people to stay safe and reduce their chance of becoming a victim of crime.

“It will help to empower the more vulnerable in our community and their carers and will provide them with information which will help them to create a strong support network.

“The support of the Southern Health and Social Care Trust Memory Service has been invaluable and, together, we hope this initiative will protect more people in our community.”

Cathy Mawhinney, Head of Memory Service at the Southern Trust, added: “Most of us still don’t realise how many lives dementia touches and the impact it has on the individual and their families. Older people should be able to enjoy long and healthy lives, feeling safe at home and connected to their community.

“This information pack provides key information on simple steps that can be taken to support the person with dementia to continue to live as safely as possible in their own home. This initiative supports the implementation of the Northern Ireland Dementia Strategy and is one of many outcomes to promote a dementia-friendly community.”

The crime prevention packs will assist patients and their carers. Each pack contains information on Quick Check, Good Morning Network, a guide for carers and care professionals, and a reference card with the PSNI non-emergency and emergency numbers and police website.

The packs are being distributed by the Southern Trust’s Memory Teams to patients in the Banbridge area.