Get the jab before the flu gets you - Simpson

UPPER Bann MP David Simpson has urged local people who are in the ‘at risk’ groups to take up the opportunity to receive the annual flu vaccination.

The Upper Bann MP said, “For people who are in the ‘at risk’ groups, flu can be serious resulting hospitalization. In some case it can prove to be fatal. The flu virus can differ every flu season. That is why it is so important to get the jab every year.

“The flu vaccine does not give you the flu. It is there to protect ‘at risk’ groups because if they get flu, they are more likely to have severe illness or complications which can be life-threatening.

“Pregnant women are more likely to have serious illness if they catch flu, which is why they will be invited to get the jab by their GP, to protect them and their unborn baby. It takes approximately 10 days following vaccination to develop protection against flu. That is why clinics are being held from early October onwards.

“If you wait until flu arrives here, it may be too late for the vaccine to protect you.”